Тести 5 клас

A isn't B aren't C тести 5 клас 2 Sally usually to work. A walks B walk C is walking 3 The children always to bed at 8:00 in the evening. A goes B go C are going 4 Are you your homework at the moment? A do B doing C does 5 Can I have tea, please? A any B some C an 6 Bill from 1 0 to 6 every day. A work B works C is working 7 How do you go to the cinema? A often B usually C much 8 Tom like watching TV. A isn't B doesn't C don't 9 Helen her тести 5 клас coat today. A is wearing B wears C don't wear 10 The sun shines the summer. A on B in C at B Put the adverbs in brackets into their correct form, as in the example. C Тести 5 клас in the correct word. This cake is for Dad. Have you got pet dog? Can you give me envelope, please? How do you go to the cinema? There's a flat for rent the second floor. Mary is attractive than Jane. Can have two of spaghetti, please? Тести 5 клас is heavier Jane. D Use the notes to tell a story with the title "A Night to Remember". A do B have C тести 5 клас 2 Sally play tennis when she was eleven years old? A Can B Could C Were 3 What did you for lunch? A eats B ate C eat 4 Susan can play violin. A an B the C a 5 There's man in front of our car. A the B a C some 6 Mr Howard the train to work yesterday morning. A is taking- B takes C took 7 Mum cooks than тести 5 клас. A well B better C best 8 He the dentist tomorrow. A is seeing B sees C saw 9 They dinner at 8:00 every day. A had B are having C have 10 Ann a baby тести 5 клас month. A had B has C is going to have B Use the adjectives in the list to write sentences about three of your friends. Bob is the youngest of the three. How cheese do you want? Look at the boys! Look at Sue goes to work bus. Bill crazy about Italian food. The supermarket is to the post office. Can I have coffee, please? She drives carefully than her husband. D Answer the questions about yourself. Were you at home last night? Спиваковский При использовании материалов ресурса ссылка на school.

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